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Sistem Pendidikan Tinggi Prancis


Sistem pendidikan di Prancis umumnya dikategorikan menjadi 3 tingkatan :

  • -       Primary education (enseignement primaire);
  • -       Secondary education (enseignement secondaire) : collège, lycée 
  • -       Higher education (enseignement supérieur).

Bachelor's degree (180 ECTS)

 « Licence » : Bachelor's degree with academic orientation opens the way to the master programme

 « Licence professionnelle» : Bachelor's degree with professional orientation

Master's degree (300 ECTS)

 « Master » : master's degree with professional or academic orientation, open to the Bachelor's holders (180 + 120 ECTS)

 « Titre d'ingénieur » qualified master's degree in science and engineering, a fully integrated curriculum (300 ECTS), delivered by institutions accredited by CTI (Commission des Titres d'ingénieurs).

PhD's degree

 Doctorate programme 


*A European Credit Transfer System (ECTS): a credit corresponding to the student workload required to successfully complete a course module. These credits can be accumulated and transferred.

Organisation des études en France
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